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Located in South Melbourne. TIMMS software is an Australian ERP ssupplier.  Disprax Pty Ltd commenced business in 1982 providing computer programming services and over the next decade, working together with partners ICL and Pico Business Systems Pty Ltd, Disprax developed TIMMS.

From establishment, Disprax’s primary objective has been to develop and provide quality ERP software products that, together with the high levels of personalised support, continually address the needs of its customers. This is true today and while TIMMS started life within the timber businesses, Disprax has developed into an industry leader in the provision of ERP business software and professional services with customers across Australia and New Zealand in a variety of industries.

Our solutions centre on the provision of a superior ERP business management system for firms that manage significant stock. The complete integration of sales, inventory management and accounting functionality provides you with the capacity to work ON your business, not IN your business. We work to partner with our clients to continually develop our suite in light of ever changing business and economic needs.

When TIMMS was first developed it consisted of modules for Financials, Order Entry and Inventory Management. Today TIMMS has 25 distinct modules covering areas of business such as: 

Collectively, the Disprax team has over 100 years of software installation and support experience.

Best ERP software in Australia?

We sure think so. Small base of clients, stable company base, and expanding customisations. You won’t be able to find a better support team either. Unlimited support with your account (phone and ticket), and affordable customisations make TIMMS ERP solutions the best option.


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