Chemical ERP Import/Export Software

chemical ERP software

Chemical ERP Import/Export Software


Track Stock with tighter Inventory Control

Chemical ERP Software should maintain a perpetual record of your chemical inventory (what is Perpetual Inventory?).  The TIMMS software is a total inventory management system which allows you to view your current inventory levels with just the click of a button.  Most other systems can not provide such accurate and timely data and instead require you to physically count your stock levels.  Another fantastic feature of our chemical inventory system is the ability to allocate stock for pending customer orders which provides you with an even more accurate measure of the actual availability of your stock.

Tracking Inventory is vital in the any industry and TIMMS can follow the chain of supply all of the way. Our Inventory software, TIMMS, is now being used all over Australia and NZ.


Importer/Exporter Accounting

TIMMS is a Melbourne ERP software company that has been a favourite Accounting System for over 30 years. From Purchase Orders, Deliveries, Invoices, Payments through to Customer Orders, Stock Allocations, Customer Invoices and Receipts.  We also have the functionality to integrate these day-to-day tasks with Email and Internet Banking to keep you moving in this rapidly growing global market.


Finally TIMMS has a large range of reports available, especially regarding your Chemical Inventory, which managers can analyse and use to make important decisions.  These reports can be ran at any point in time to gauge the current inventory levels or view which stock is selling best.  There are also many reports that can used to analyse the accounts of your business.


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