“ The Disprax team are professional, approachable and patient… with great training and support systems. The TIMMS Point of Sale module has allowed greater flexibility in the retail business. Day to day TIMMS is user friendly, effective and reliable. Supply Chain Management software
“As Australia’s largest manufacturer of Timber mouldings and Dowel, Porta Group’s product range encompasses decorative building mouldings, picture framing and general trim moldings. They choose TIMMS Australia wide for all of their Distribution, and manufacturing needs. ERP Implementation examples
ERP implementation

“’Brenntag, one of the world’s largest Chemical Distribution companies, is using TIMMS ERP software for both it’s Australian ERP Software and NZ ERP system. Andrew Kuc comments “The strength of our Relationship and the level of service we get, together with the knowledge base of the staff keeps us strongly connected with Disprax. ERP Implementation examples

Brenntag ERP

Testimonies of ERP implementations

TIMMS clients can be highlighted as a success from many of our testimonials on this page.  TIMMS ERP software implementation specialists, work with you one-on-one to ensure the initial sale process provides your Business everything required for the integration of the Business software – making sure your costs do not blow out.

How long does ERP implementation usually take?

Initially we suggest an integration time period from start to finish of 2-6 months. Much of this time though is dependent on how large the customisations maybe for your company, and how soon you can implement data to our team.

TIMMS ERP integration take place either on our own hosted servers, or onsite. If your going to require specialist onsite services and ERP, then expect a lot more time, but a faster more secure option in most cases.

Installing an ERP system does take time, as we go through and ensure everything is done correctly from the start rather than finding major issues in structure and data down the track.

If you wish to discuss directly with more of our testimonial clients in your industry, simply fill in the ERP demo form today.

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