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Specialised Modules

Supply Chain Management Software

Supply chain Management Software

As the intensity of competition increases, Australian Supply Chain Management software efficiency becomes progressively more important. Supply Chain software and Inventory management must be a priority for any growing Business, and TIMMS inventory software is second to none. Supply chain management solutions must be designed for the client’s business and TIMMS has created specialised technical supply chain requirements for customers as diverse as Timber Inventory or Sawmilling software, Importing Inventory needs & reprocessing / manufacturing inventory needs.

TIMMS supply chain technology allows your business to improve its efficiencies by proactively responding to market conditions, ultimately leading to stronger profit margins.


Inventory Management Software

Supply Chain  Inventory Management Software

The inventory software management module has been designed specifically to manage the complex requirements of different stock types. TIMMS Inventory Management Software Australia represents over 30 years of trusted Inventory and multi warehouse inventory control. 

purchase order software

Supply Chain Purchase Order Software

The purchase order module generates purchase orders and provides complete tracking of those orders through to accounts payable.

timber log management

Supply Chain – Timber Log Management

Over the last 30 years we have been the leading Timber software company within Australia, with TIMMS software helping over 100 Timber Businesses for there Sawmill tracking, and forestry software needs. The customised Timber software log management module provides all the facilities required to effectively manage the log processing function within Timber and Sawmilling business.

Import/Export software

Supply Chain – Importers Software – Full control from overseas to your door

The importers software and exporters software, Import Processing Module, provides full control over overseas importing and shipping and includes costing by order, vessel/ voyage, mark and packs.

Stocktake Control software

Supply Chain – Stocktake Software

The stocktake module allows you to easily enter counted data into TIMMS, thereby enabling management to rapidly generate reports on the state of stock holdings.

Bill of Materials Software

Supply Chain – Bill of Materials Software

The bill of materials module provides the ability to define all the materials and costs used to produce an item and works orders to track its production.

Job Costing software

Supply chain – Job Costing Software

The job costing module provides complete tracking of all job costing information with comprehensive reporting on all transactions, accumulated costs and profits.

Sawmilling software

Supply Chain – Sawmilling Software

Some of our National and International clients are Sawmilling Companies looking for the best timber software for tracking Sawmill requirements. The sawmilling module provides complete tracking and management of all processes related to sawmilling and production.

Data exchange eCommerce

Supply Chain – EDI Software

Data exchanges is a transparent process of integrating a middle point between TIMMS software and your suppliers software – so each see the correct data format suitable for their requirements automatically without human intervention. The eCommerce module provides your business with the facilities to exchange data in electronic format between trading partners instantly and can save many companies thousands of dollars, time and data entry mistakes.

By Jared Sherwood

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