Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management

Inventory Management Software


TIMMS Inventory software offers the ability to control Multi-Warehouse Inventory, Perpetual Inventory counts , Kits/Reprocessing and Manufacturing Inventory requirements all in one.

The inventory management module has been designed specifically to manage the complex requirements of different stock types.

Many businesses have technical inventory such as Kits/Open pack requirements, or packs within boxes.  TIMMS is one of the best inventory softwares on the planet for these types of Inventory needs.

The TIMMS Inventory application incorporates a unique open item inventory system, which handles products in all forms of measurement and packaging. New stock may be receipted into the system either directly or through the purchase order or import management modules.

Inventory and Software need to work as one

TIMMS works on an Perpetual Inventory system.  By taking control of management inventory levels, your team will also be able to buy smarter and rotate stock more effectively.

Full details are captured at receipt time including quantities, tallies, number of pieces, unit cost and supplier/ purchase order details.

APN numbering and barcoding are supportable to streamline inward and outward movements.

Comprehensive reports assist management to optimise stock holding, reduce obsolescence and increase stock turnover.

Inventory Management features of TIMMS:

  • Powerful and flexible enquiry facilities give fast access to all stock related information at item and pack levels with links to purchasing, importing and sales orders all designed to provide improved customer service
  • All units of measure and packaging types are handled
  • Valuation basis may be standard, average, last or actual cost per pack
  • Separate pack file holds full details of each pack, including pack quantity, tally, date received, and sales details
  • Full reporting at both pack and item level
  • A stock card feature provides fast access to stock transactions by stock item and drill down to originating journal transactions or customer invoices
  • Interface to purchase order system during stock receipting
  • Warehouse transfers by product code or pack number
  • Accommodates complex and simple pricing structures
  • Functionality for pack splitting and downgrades



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