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ERP Software supplier, Disprax is one of the only Australian ERP software companies offering customised ERP systems at an affordable price.

Brisbane ERP company – Disprax.  ERP Brisbane market is one of the most productive areas within Australia for our ERP experts. Queensland clients have been using our software and its latest editions for over 35 years now.

TIMMS software is the leading ERP software for small to medium sized businesses looking at customising a solution.

TIMMS software is built by Disprax PTY LTD (now WilldooIT), a company under the PNORS umbrella. we are proudly Australia, and offer a unique service to larger ERP companies that promise much but cannot customise or support as well as our smaller team.

ERP Brisbane  – Better support, better service

With all Australian staff, we ensure our Australian ERP companies are well supported by our Melbourne Customer support centre, and our techs are busy creating new solutions each day for productive Australian Businesses. Our representative is within Queensland on a monthly basis and continually talking to our own Brisbane ERP clients and new companies looking for ERP software solutions.

If you needing ERP solutions and based in Brisbane, then our ERP Brisbane consultants can come to your door to discuss your needs. Book time in today for a free demo and Business analysis. If your requiring ERP in Queensland, then your after-hours support and service will be second to none from our team.

Call our Brisbane ERP consultant now, for a free demo or advice: (03) 9135 1900


Phone: + 61 3 9135 1900

WilldooIT (formerly Disprax) office hours are 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM Australian E.S.T.

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