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Retail Software

Powerful Retail Software for Laminate Businesses


Track your Inventory and Financials with our Retail Software

TIMMS is a flexible software system that is highly suitable for the manufacturing and retail industry.  TIMMS functionality gives manufacturers the ability to organise their daily tasks more accurately and save time with record keeping.

As a Retail Software, TIMMS provides the ability to control your customer orders, allocations of stock, packing notes, delivery notes, invoicing, receipts and credit notes.  These processes can be linked together to save time and provide the best record keeping available.  You can also record orders made to suppliers, receipt in your stock as you receive it, pay suppliers and include added costs from processing.  During all of these processes, TIMMS also creates the relevant General Ledger entries to keep your financial records as accurate as possible.

TIMMS is broken down into a modular style which allows you the flexibility to select the modules you need and not pay for modules you won’t use.  These modules include:  Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Cash Management (Bank Reconciliation), Asset Management, Payroll, Inventory Management, Stocktake, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Point of Sale, Sales Analysis, eCommerce and more. 

Other Features of our Manufacturing & Retail Software

TIMMS has security features including usernames and passwords which will be assigned to each of your users.  Each user can be individually blocked from certain applications and you can also setup personalised favourites to make everyday tasks quick and easy to find.  These features are controlled and monitored by an elected TIMMS Administrator from your business.

TIMMS offers emailing functionality and also internet banking compatibility which helps your business operate in real time.  You can email PDF versions of invoices and quotes easily to your customers and you can pay your suppliers online at the same time as you enter the accounts payable transactions into TIMMS.


Also if your business has a unique requirement, we can work with you to create a personalised solution! 

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