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TIMMS is the only solution you need to manage your manufacturing, sales, accounting and inventory control, giving you the power to grow your business.

TIMMS has a unique modular design, allowing you to select the application best suited to your business requirements. TIMMS offers a high degree of fit by providing the flexibility to expand as your requirements grow and change.

Manufacturing Software specialised reprocessing module

We have designed our manufacturing software package, Reprocessing, with an aim to create a single area for entering rework processing information into TIMMS, while also enabling efficient tracking of active production runs, and allowing flexibility in how you handle your process entry.

Production information can be entered into TIMMS after completion of the job, prior to starting the job, or during the process, all depending upon the type of stock and process(es) involved, and how you wish to operate.

Examples of the sorts of processing that can be tracked in our manufacturing software are:

  • Docking, and Precision Cutting to Length
  • Moulding Production
  • Custom Machining / Custom Routing
  • Frame and Truss Manufacture
  • Treatment of Stock
  • Bill of Materials Production
  • Manufacturing of Doors, Windows, etc (Combining raw / finished products)

Supply Chain Management Software

As the intensity of competition increases, supply chain management efficiency becomes progressively more important.

TIMMS supply chain technology allows your business to improve its efficiencies by proactively responding to market conditions, ultimately leading to stronger profit margins.

  • Inventory Management – The inventory management module has been designed specifically to manage the complex requirements of different stock types.
  • Purchase Orders – The purchase order module generates purchase orders and provides complete tracking of those orders through to accounts payable.
  • Log Management – The log management module provides all the facilities required to effectively manage the log processing function within your business.
  • Import Management – The import management module provides full control over importing and shipping and includes costing by order, vessel/ voyage, mark and packs.
  • Stocktake – The stocktake module allows you to easily enter counted data into TIMMS, thereby enabling management to rapidly generate reports on the state of stock holdings.
  • Bill of Materials – The bill of materials module provides the ability to define all the materials and costs used to produce an item and works orders to track its production.
  • Job Costing – The job costing module provides complete tracking of all job costing information with comprehensive reporting on all transactions, accumulated costs and profits.
  • Sawmilling – The sawmilling module provides complete tracking and management of all processes related to sawmilling and production.
  • eCommerce – The eCommerce module provides your business with the facilities to exchange data in electronic format between trading partners.

Sales & Distribution

TIMMS sales and distribution modules supply your business with the tools required to maximise the value of your supply chain. Each module supports your business in building strong partner networks through the seamless flow of information and enhanced customer service.

  • Sales Order Entry – The sales order entry module allows your business to achieve high levels of customer service by enabling efficient entry and tracking of orders and timely delivery of goods.
  • Point of Sale – The point of sale module has been specifically developed to handle checkout and other cash and carry situations.
  • Auctioneering – The auctioneering module has all the functions required to effectively track and record basic auction processes.
  • eCommerce – The eCommerce module provides your business with the facilities to exchange data in electronic format between trading partners.
  • Job Tracking – The job tracking module allows accurate quoting and costing of projects by recording valuable data and providing reporting functionality.
  • Sales Analysis – The sales analysis module is an application which provides various format reports and enquiries on invoiced sales data.


TIMMS financial modules provides you with a complete financial management solution. Each TIMMS module offers in-depth functionality and reporting for all financial processes.

Each financial module is scalable to your unique business requirements and is supported by a broad range of functionality such as handling multi-company/ multi-cost centre and options that can be set to best meet your company’s requirements.

  • Accounts Payable – The accounts payable module provides you with all the facilities required to effectively manage supplier invoicing, payments and other accounts payable functions of your business.
  • Accounts Receivable – The accounts receivable module provides full credit management facilities to maximise your cash flow and minimise the risk of bad debt.
  • General Ledger – The general ledger module provides your business with comprehensive financial reporting capabilities allowing you to build customised financial reports.
  • Asset Management – The asset management module has all the functions required to effectively track and depreciate your business assets.
  • Cash Management – The cash management module has all the functions required to effectively track and reconcile the cash flow within your business.
  • Payroll – The payroll module provides the features needed to internally control all aspects of payroll processing within your organisation.  

Supplemental Modules

There is a selection of additional modules available for you to add value to your TIMMS system. All modules are designed to work seamlessly from within your TIMMS system to enhance its functionality according to your particular business requirements.

  • Stationery Design -FormTrap stationery design software allows you to convert data into professional looking business documents which can be printed or emailed directly to your customers and suppliers.
  • ODBC – The ODBC or open database connectivity module offers an easy way to obtain complex data quickly from any TIMMS data file using any Microsoft Windows based application or any other ODBC compliant software.
  • Scheduler – The scheduler module allows you to reduce the load on a busy system by scheduling report printing, transaction posting and administration tasks for times when there is less network and system traffic.
  • Barcoding – Barcode software gives your business real-time access to critical information from key points in your supply chain.
  • Archiving – The archiving module enables you to store your company’s historic data in a separate location where it can be accessed when it is needed.

Still can’t find what you need? We’ll create it! TIMMS is programmed locally in Melbourne which gives you the flexibility to customise the software to suit your needs!


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