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Business Intelligence Software


Business Intelligence Software is Critical to Success

Data Analysis made easy

TIMMS is a powerful ERP Software with a unique modular design, allowing you to select the applications best suited to your business requirements.   Data analysis and business intelligence is an urgent requirement in today’s market.  A proper BI tool is required for many growth companies.

We have integrated a connection to a world class BI software Australia wide for our clients.

business intelligence software

TIMMS offers key business intelligence solutions that will help your business to succeed.  These features include the ability to create extensive reporting capabilities throughout the entire system, from Stock Valuations, Stock Movements, Sales Reports and Trial Balances.

Instead of large investment in thousands of pre-made reports – customised solutions provide better insight & better ROI.

TIMMS BI allows you or our team to Combine all the data you need, into personalized real-time dashboards. TIMMS Business Intelligence Software interactive dashboards let you filter, drill to detail, and analyse right in a web/browser.

•  You can go from data to dashboards in just hours; not days, weeks or months.
•  Imagine connecting the data, people, and creativity of your organization to help everyone make better business decisions.
•  We do this by facilitating discussions and making your BI content incredibly easy to share.

TIMMS BI Software

Create customised BI reports for your team and management:
BI software report



•  In most business intelligence software, companies invest hundreds of thousands into BI – with TIMMS BI, you won’t need to
•  We’ll train you to give you the power to develop your own reports customised to your requirements 
is also a great video showing the meaning of how Big Data can help your business, and what is big data?

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