Accounts Receivable ERP Software Module

Accounts Receivable Software

accounts receivable softwareOur accounts receivable software provides full credit management facilities to maximise your cash flow and minimise the risk of bad debt.

The major functions fulfilled by this module include open item and balance forward accounts, cash receipting, aged trial balances, customer statements, commission reports and finance charge calculation, comprehensive audit trails and inquiries.

Operator entries are created in batch transaction files and may be edited and corrected prior to posting.

Summary of features & benefits:

  • Customer profiles that contain many options to default during sales processing
  • Master and sub-account tracking
  • Multiple options for credit checking and limit setting
  • Accommodates open-item and balance forward accounts simultaneously
  • Ability to operate inter-company sales with/ without stock movement
  • Comprehensive transaction entries such as sales, cash receipts, adjustments and finance charges
  • Produces detail or summary aged trial balances with automatic or operator specified cut-off dates and can be run for prior periods
  • Statements can be run on demand
  • Credit control minimised bad debt via use of follow-up notes
  • Detailed enquiry screen with ability to drill down to actual invoice and reprint copy as required

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