Auctioneering Management


The auctioneering module has all the functions required to effectively track and record basic auction processes.

The module starts the sale process by allocating a unique sale identification number in the system. Each item of stock is then recorded against this sale and given a lot number. Catalogues can be printed and made available to the bidders at the auction.

Once the auction has taken place, sold lots are entered into the system and a selling sheet is printed to track the sale of the item. Invoices are then generated and payments taken from the bidders.

Bidders may choose to make full payment or forfeit their deposit and cancel the invoice. Once all invoices have been finalised, the facility is available to pay vendors and close the sale. Prior to closing a sale, you have the ability to run the sale balance report to ensure adequate reconciliation.

Comprehensive audit trails are provided with exclusive enquiry and reporting.

Summary of features & benefits:

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