ERP System Setup

The System Setup of TIMMS


Our ERP System Setup is the backbone of the TIMMS system.  It contains user defined table values and system wide settings. To a large extent, this module controls how TIMMS will operate within your business environment.

As part of the implementation process we assess and discuss how best to configure TIMMS to suit your requirements.

Summary of features & benefits:ERP system setup

  • Contains settings for system configuration
  • Many tables can be populated with user defined values which improve processing speed in the TIMMS modules
  • Stationery forms are configured here for pre-printed stationery
  • Setup defaults for how each TIMMS operator will process
  • Integration tables that contain general ledger chart accounts to use in stock processing, sales posting etc are defined here. These allow for backup of general ledger data by warehouse, branch, product class, etc.


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