Forestry Software

forestry software

Forestry Logging Management Software

The forestry software provides all the facilities required to effectively manage the log processing function within your business.

Log management tracks the recovery of timber from allocations of land, the resources used to produce the timber, royalties, government charges and contractor charges (such as cutters, sniggers, haulage etc). From connecting to our Sawmill tracking module, forestry chain of supply, tracking timber through the kiln process.

The module allows for integration with other TIMMS modules such as inventory management, general ledger and sawmilling.

Comprehensive reporting is provided with full details of yields, royalties, work in progress and contracts. Reports may be produced daily, or periodically, showing the status of each logging process.

Summary of features & benefits:

  • District tables
  • Contractor tables
  • Area tables
  • Log quota tables
  • Royalty rate / M3
  • Cutting rate / TON
  • Snig rate / TON
  • Haulage rate / TON
  • Recalculation of District and Area details
  • Load receipting
  • Load adjustment
  • Load deletion
  • Resin rebate entry
  • Facilities for interfaces to PLC machinery


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