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Hosted Software or Onsite Software

hosted software

Hosted ERP software or Onsite ERP Software?

TIMMS offers the flexibility of different networking options to store your business data.  Depending on your business’s requirements, we generally have two network options:  Hosted or Onsite Software.

For smaller businesses, a more cost-effective method is our hosted erp software server.  This provides a secure place to store the data in TIMMS and has minimal expenses in terms of maintaining the server.  It also is just one less thing for you, as the business owner, to worry about, as we take care of all the maintenance requirements. It includs your updates, your monthly support, and you dont have to invest upfront for hardware componants (apart from possibly a Router).

For medium-size to large companies we recommend the setup of a server on your premises.  You will have complete control over your server and data, and flexibility and maximum speed.

By Jared Sherwood

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