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Our Customisable Reprocessing Module

Over time most wholesale businesses have become more complex, and for many it is no longer possible to just be a reseller of materials. Some form of “value-adding” has been incorporated into the business model, whether it is onsite machining, treating, etc, or having to manage an external contractor and the associated stock movements.

We have seen many businesses struggle with how to track and enter the information into TIMMS in a timely manner in order to keep their stock details up to date, as well as being able to accurately track the associated costs.

We have designed our manufacturing software package, Reprocessing, with an aim to create a single area for entering rework processing information into TIMMS, while also enabling efficient tracking of active production runs, and allowing flexibility in how you handle your process entry.

Production information can be entered into TIMMS after completion of the job, prior to starting the job, or during the process, all depending upon the type of stock and process(es) involved, and how you wish to operate.


Manufacturing ERP software from TIMMS can track such things as:

Docking, and Precision Cutting to Length

  • Moulding Production
  • Custom Machining / Custom Routing
  • Frame and Truss Manufacture
  • Treatment of Stock
  • Bill of Materials Production
  • Manufacturing of Doors, Windows, etc (Combining raw / finished products)


How our Manufacturing Software Works

The total value of the Input Stock PLUS the value of Tasks MUST ALWAYS EQUAL the total value of the Output Stock PLUS any Wastage being written off.

manufacturing software

By matching the OUTPUT VALUE we are ensuring that we are accounting for ALL of the input stock and associated processing costs when costing the output stock produced.

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