Key ERP Trends Benefits to Consider for Your Own ERP Evaluation

Companies must be prepared for a hybrid future. In the future, a mix of core ERP and third-party functionality will become the norm, since the do-it-all ERP suite is no longer tenable. In this future cloud, mobility, analytics and simplified user interfaces will reign. But if you think this is just another “techy thing” you are probably wrong; According to Gartner: By 2015, 60% of new business application purchase decisions will be made outside IT.

Evaluating an ERP software may be a very tough task. It seems clear that customers must have a defined ERP strategy that allows them first to properly evaluate what they get from their current system and after that if needed, be able as well to evaluate existing alternatives. But, how can we do that? Which are the key benefits to consider among all the possible trends and variables of the market? We have created an infographic to give you some clues about it. This infographic aims to be a guide to help these customers solving their doubts when evaluating an ERP. Hope you like it (click on the picture to access the full infographic).

Key ERP Trends Benefits To Consider for Your Own ERP Evaluation


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