Looking Forward: Key Challenges to the Wholesale Industry

The wholesale industry is constantly under great pressure to reform and refine its processes to meet the ever changing customer demands. Based on various market research, we have compiled a list of key challenges to the wholesalers looking forward:

 1. Changing Customer Requirements and Expectations


 2. Managing Foreign Exchange and International Trade


3. Maximising Labour Productivity and Efficiency


The Disprax solution enables wholesalers to manage their businesses by providing a cost effective solution for a total inventory management. Implementing an effective ERP/CRM solution represents a change in every organisation who chooses to do so. We are not going to tell you that it will be a breeze, as we all know, managing change is one of the biggest challenges to the management of any organisation.

At Disprax, we help to manage and effect such change by:

  1. Providing a solution that effectively manages and achieves the client’s objectives in looking for a more efficient solution.
  2. Advising and recommending a suitable agile solution to meet the client’s needs now and allows room to meet future needs.
  3. Providing a professional service to ensure and minimise the challenges faced in any management of change within the client organisation.
  4. Achieving greater efficiency and productivity through customisation of work flows to reduce the amount of work and minimise learning times for each user. Enabling them to achieve optimum efficiency in the shortest possible time frames.
  5. Increasing visibility on every aspect of the business for owners and managers of the organisation.


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