Payroll Software Module

Payroll Software


The payroll software provides the features needed to internally control all aspects of payroll processing within your organisation.

This module relieves you of the intricate and time-consuming task of calculating and checking each employee’s pay. The TIMMS payroll module will allow you to prepare employee pay-slips from time card creation, maintain all payroll history and meet government reporting requirements.

Payroll Software

Summary of features & benefits:

  • Regular salaries and deductions for each employee can be defined in the employee and deduction/ earnings code files
  • Payroll hours are calculated from the time card file, along with earnings and deduction information which is used to calculate each pay-slip
  • The payroll post process will update information to the employee and other history files automatically
  • Has the ability to distribute employee pays across multiple nominated bank accounts
  • Ability to generate an import file of pay details which can be used with most on-line banking software
  • Generates employee pay-slips
  • Allows for multiple methods of tracking leave
  • Information is fully integrated to the general ledger
  • Standard reports can be easily generated

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