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purchase orders software

TIMMS Purchase Orders Software

Many small companies start and are not quite sure how important Purchase Orders are or even what a purchase order is.

As a company grows you will realise how important it is to control Purchase orders, track and match purchase orders, and how useful they are. We made a quick 60 second video for those who want to know a basic overview of What is a purchase order?

The TIMMS purchase orders software generates purchase orders and provides complete tracking of those orders through to accounts payable.

The purchase order module is designed to handle the complex and varied units of measure used in various industries with automatic conversion.

The Purchase order module integrates with the inventory management and import management modules to allow updating of purchase order files and offers comprehensive reporting by providing business managers with full details of outstanding orders, receipts against orders, cash flow commitments and foreign exchange exposure (where foreign currency orders are made).

Indent or Agency ordering on behalf of customers is incorporated into the purchase order module which allows for the creation and tracking of indent sales orders in conjunction with the importing module.

Summary of features & benefits:

  • Multiple units of measure as the purchase unit may differ from the stocking unit and the sales unit
  • Foreign currency conversion and exchange exposure reporting
  • Multi-option open order reporting
  • User defined purchase order document format
  • Access available directly from the order entry module for enquiries on future stock, arrivals etc.
  • Indent ordering has been incorporated into the purchase order module allowing the tracking of customer sales orders against their respective purchase orders
  • Supplier pricing maintenance – can be uploaded from spreadsheet
  • Automatic purchase order creation based on sales for special orders and direct sales (supplier to customer)

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